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Mission & Vision

Our Proposition

At Aladdin Technology, we are dedicated to bringing the power of connection to life. We empower brands  to build strong connections with consumers in Asia and beyond so as to tap into unrealized possibilities.

Made up of a team of experts in digital marketing and ecommerce technology, we have a deep understanding of social commerce and work hard to pioneer innovative and unique solutions for our partners.

1. Pioneering

The founders of Aladdin Technology are visionary, ambitious, and backed by a strong track record of commercializing technologies.

2. Collaborative

Aladdin Technology develops solutions in collaboration with users, allowing us to attract and form partnership with reputable brands.

3. Practical

Solutions developed by Aladdin Technology are built with Asia’s diverse social commerce landscape in mind. They are holistic, scalable, and social platform agnostic.

4. Credible

The leadership of Aladdin Technology is well-established in digital marketing, brand acquisition, technology and capital raising.


Our Qualities

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Unlock the potential of social commerce for your brand and business. Build stronger relationships with your customers in Asia today.