KOL.SHOP is ATG’s debut flagship product. It empowers influencers to establish and elevate their own persona and content via self-media social accounts. Promoted brand content can be targeted to new segments of the target audience. KOL.SHOP provides a seamless mobile and digital experience relevant to current consumer behaviours by making inspirational and entertaining content created by influencers to be desirable, actionable and shoppable.

ATG believes in the unprecedented power of influencer marketing and communities as the influencer marketing industry is predicted to worth up to US$15 billion by 2022. For brands, it has never been more important to capitalise on converting followers and engagement into revenue-driven results such as increasing customers and sales.

It is the trend in western markets that influencers or celebrities run their own independent websites or media without the reliance on traditional formulated social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. While this is not yet common in Asia, we believe KOL.SHOP will usher in a new phenomenon of self-media promotion, where content can be created flexibly, independently but at the same time complementary to traditional platforms and used as a cutting edge marketing tool.


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