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Cross-border ecommerce sales have skyrocketed in recent years and a solid ecommerce strategy is now vital to any business’ success. Aladdin Technology will launch the first WeChat Mall to feature lifestyle, healthcare and beauty products, joined by leading logistic partners to provide global delivery services.


WeChat mini-program is a proven and effective marketing and customer engagement platform. In the past year, a whopping increase of 160% year-on-year growth in transaction value was recorded, which clearly demonstrates WeChat’s up and coming status as the world’s top performing ecommerce platform.


Aladdin Technology is a visionary and has a strong track record in commercializing technologies. We provide holistic and integrated strategy from social marketing to logistics fulfillment in order to onboard brands and merchants and accelerate their growth, while enjoying our strong network of building traffic, succeeding in cross border ecommerce is no longer a myth.

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Global Buyers Mall

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