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Aladdin Technology Group launches E-payment Receivables Financing Programme

Funding HK$10,000,000 to support start-ups and E-commerce platform development

17 December, 2020

Hong Kong, 17 December, 2020 — E-commerce solution provider, Aladdin Technology Group (ATG), announced strategic partnership with TeamWork Capital Group (Teamwork Capital) for a new concept of funding solution – E-payment Receivables Financing Programme, reserved approximately HK$10,000,000 to assist potential start-ups and SMEs on their sustainable development of E-commerce business. The Programme aimed to widen economic benefit for the merchants in ATG E-platforms and achieve a win-win business model.

TeamWork Capital is the pioneer of E-payment Receivables Financing, focuses on Retails and E-commerce sector. E-Payment Receivable Financing is not a loan, but cash in advance. TeamWork Capital purchases future e-payment sales in a discounted rate so as to smoothen merchant’s cash flow to get through the hard times of epidemic and support sustainable business growth. E-Payment receivables financing does not require collateral and nothing to do with credit rating check. The funding can flexibly be used for E-commerce development, business digitization, advertising promotion and purchasing, etc.

Under the double blow of the economic downturn and the epidemic, many start- ups and SMEs in the market are facing financial difficulties in their operations. Unfortunately, traditional banks are still more conservative and strict for SMEs. In view of that, ATG joined hands with TeamWork Capital to launch a new Financing alternative with flexible terms and services available for SMEs as well as micro- online-enterprise to tackle their emergency needs. No doubt that Influencer marketing and social platforms are the most effective ways for promotion nowadays and have indisputably shown huge business potential. Brands are thirsted to turn rich and inspiring marketing content into actual income they must effectively convert the fans / followers from online channels into real customers. The Group is intended to increase the revenue of its platform users through these two major directions.

Ricky Ng, Founder and Group CEO of Aladdin Technology Group pointed out that “The epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises. The Group’s flagship product, KOL.SHOP, an integrated social and E-commerce platform, has got 400 new KOLs, KOCs (Key Opinion Customers) and merchants engaged within just four months of its launch which proven that our services are in great demand. Apart from providing platforms and technologies, ATG also focus on expanding business scale and the enhancement of user experience bringing the highest value and benefits to those who engaged to our network.”


KOL.SHOP is a one-stop and comprehensive marketing solution platform integrating the advantages of social media and E-commerce to provide an effortless destination for commercial activities. Via KOL.SHOP, brands and merchants are now able to reach out massive customers with simple, fast and effective marketing tools - KOL and KOC without extra cost.

According to the “Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2020” conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, despite the market environment and economic downturn in 2020, the global market value of opinion leaders / influencer marketing is still estimated to reach 9.7 billion US dollars and the Earned Media Value of influencer marketing programmes increased by about 11 times.


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